The Definitive Resource for OMS Integrations

The Definitive Resource for OMS Integrations

Every company, regardless of size, industry, or specialization, strives to improve workflow and maximize productivity. In order to provide excellent service to your customers and generate the most revenue possible, you need streamlined processes for taking orders and processing them.

If you work with a 3PL company to create a fulfillment system tailored to your customers’ preferences, you can accomplish this goal. In addition, it is helpful to have an OMS that can support the entire sales process, from order creation to shipment and follow-up with customers.

However, the full potential of the tool may not be realized without appropriate OMS integrations.

This integration guide for order management systems (OMS) explains why OMS integrations are crucial. What is OMS and its benefits are both included in this blog.

What is OMS Integration?

An OMS is a piece of software used to keep track of orders from the time they are placed until they are shipped. Create purchase orders, monitor stock levels, and follow packages with ease thanks to this helpful tool.

If you want your order management system (OMS) to communicate with the other applications in your e-commerce fulfillment stack, you should set up an OMS integration.

Why OMS Integration Is Crucial For E-Commerce And 3PLs?

Integrations are beneficial for both brands and 3PLs because they reduce the amount of time spent on manual tasks, improve communication between systems and departments, and guarantee precision at every step of the order fulfillment process. That is to say, it is a method for handling a large number of orders that can be easily scaled up.

Inventory Data Synchronization

By integrating with other e-commerce fulfillment apps like shopping carts, marketplaces, and accounting software, the OMS can synchronize inventory levels across all systems. With this setup, you’ll have access to a consolidated view of stock levels across all locations.

By avoiding overselling and underselling, inventory synchronization and reconciliation can boost customer satisfaction.

Effective Order Processing

The OMS handles orders from all of your sales channels and suppliers in one convenient location. If you run an online store that also sells on Amazon and other marketplaces, the OMS can consolidate all of your orders in one place.

Order management system (OMS) integration is especially helpful for 3PLs that oversee multiple warehouses because it facilitates more efficient order routing.

Automated Procedures OMS integration does a great job of replacing time-consuming, error-prone manual labor with swift, efficient automation. Instead, the interconnected systems streamline processes like order processing, invoicing, stock synchronization, and delivery monitoring. Productivity is increased and excellent service is provided to customers as a result.

Integrating an OMS allows for the automatic dispatching of alerts, the distribution of orders to the most appropriate fulfillment centers, and the upkeep of constant communication with customers.

Accuracy of Data

With an OMS integration, you can rest assured that all of the data on your website and in your marketplaces is up to date and accurate, which goes a long way towards gaining the trust and loyalty of your customers.

Integrating your apps with your OMS will lessen the likelihood of human error in areas like order routing, shipment tracking, and notification of order status.

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How to go for OMS Integration?

Now that you know why OMS integrations are beneficial, you can focus on mastering their implementation. If you don’t, you risk losing money, customers, and valuable time. The correct way to utilize an OMS integration is outlined here for your convenience.

Link Up with Your Sources of Orders

Everything from online marketplaces and shopping carts to point-of-sale systems and email can serve as a potential order source. Shopify, Amazon, and Lightspeed Retail are all popular examples of such sites. The OMS will compile the orders from all of these channels and place them in a centralized database.

Track Orders and Acquire Shipping Information

To guarantee effective order routing, precise shipping cost calculations, and rapid order fulfillment, you must integrate the OMS with your back-end applications like your warehouse management system (WMS), enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, shipping platforms, and other order destinations.

At checkout, the OMS can also gather shipping information from customers. Information like the customer’s address and chosen shipping method are examples of the kind of shipping details that might be included.

Trade of Inventory Information

With a precise count of what you have on hand, you can avoid selling out or running low. Therefore, it is essential to synchronize inventory levels across all systems for successful OMS integration. It also aids in keeping accurate stock levels across all channels, which is important for providing timely service to customers.

Integrations with OMSs have become increasingly popular and are essential for companies that process high volumes of orders. You can improve the effectiveness, productivity, and overall fulfillment of your business by integrating your OMS with other programmes and systems.

Some of the most widely used OMS plugins include:

Connecting Online Stores

You can streamline and computerize your online store’s order taking, stock management, and shipping procedures by integrating your order management system with popular shopping cart software like Shopify, Magento, or WooCommerce.

Connecting Marketplaces

You can have better oversight and control over inventory and orders by linking your OMS with online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy.

Interfaces for Shipping

Integrating your OMS with a shipping platform like ShipStation, DesktopShipper, or Shippo allows you to print shipping labels, monitor packages in transit, and handle returns without ever leaving your OMS.

Embedding CRM Systems

By integrating OMS with customer relationship management CRM tools you can keep tabs on all of your business’s marketing, sales, and customer service operations in one convenient place.


Order Management Systems (OMS) are essential tools for businesses to streamline their processes, improve workflow, and maximize productivity. OMS integration is crucial for e-commerce and 3PLs as it reduces manual tasks, improves communication between systems and departments, and ensures precision at every step of the order fulfillment process.  By partnering with 3PL companies like Mehta Excel, companies can create a fulfillment system that supports the entire sales process, from order creation to shipment and customer follow-up.

3 Best Logistics Tips for E-commerce Business Owners

Enhancing E-commerce Logistics: Top 3 Tips for Success

Navigating the chaotic world of e-commerce requires an intricate balance with logistics, where success or failure rests on the edge of efficiency. From order fulfilment to doorstep deliveries, logistics is the focal point of the show that demands a lot of positive feedback from satisfied customers and company expansion. Here are three smart tips for coordinating seamless operations and creating an enhanced customer experience.

1. Optimise Inventory Management

The most important concern should be achieving the optimal inventory equilibrium, which means avoiding either frustrating deficits or excessive surpluses. Utilise cutting-edge inventory management software to maintain a close eye on your livestock. Adopt the just-in-time strategy to reduce the costs associated with storage while simultaneously assuring the prompt fulfilment of customer orders. Investigate the roots of sales figures and handle trends like oracles in order to predict precise customer requirements. The use of this forward-thinking methodology results in a reduction in costs while simultaneously can contribute to an increase in satisfaction with clients.

2. Partner with Reliable Shipping Carriers

The best logistics for E-commerce business owners depend upon choosing the right shipping partners. Try to look into the details of carriers, such as their quick delivery times, large coverage areas, and reasonable prices. Provide customers with different ways to send goods, such as standard, express and, if possible, immediate delivery. By establishing connections with trustworthy carriers, you can be absolutely sure that shipments will arrive on time and securely, which will have your customers satisfied.

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3. Implement a Robust Returns Process

In the world of e-commerce, product returns are very likely to happen. Making a negative thing into a positive thing depends on the manner in which the returns process is run. It’s very important to be extremely explicit about your return policy. There must be crystal clear instructions for sending back goods and getting refunds or replacements. Think of simplicity, and maybe you could also offer the original set as a ready-made ticket to get back.


By incorporating cutting-edge technology and a customer-centric approach, you can set a benchmark for other businesses to follow. When it comes to efficient logistics services, Mehta Excel stands out as a prime partner in India. This company has earned a reputation for its seamless e-commerce logistics solutions.

The Most Effective Small Business Logistics Solutions for Growth

Enhancing Small Business Growth Through Effective Logistics Solutions

Small and local businesses are the pulse of economies. Their innovative thinking and capacity to create jobs give them life. Yet, the way they run their operations is like a complicated process made with few resources and a lack of experience. This makes it hard for them to put together a smooth logistical balance. In this blog, we will delve into the top logistics solutions tailored to small businesses aimed at propelling their growth journey.

● Resources for the management of supply chains

Effective supply chain management is paramount for small businesses seeking growth. Investing in advanced software to manage inventory, track shipments, and optimise routes can work wonders. Such tools empower businesses to minimise costs, enhance delivery timelines, and heighten customer satisfaction. For small businesses, integrating these resources can streamline operations and create a seamless supply chain ecosystem.

● Freight Consolidation

Costs associated with transportation can frequently be an area of concern for small companies. A smart solution presents itself, which involves bringing together several shipments into one larger shipment through the process of goods consolidation. This approach reduces expenditures on transportation and carbon footprints for small businesses. When efficiency soars, it not only helps with logistics but also encourages eco-friendly adaptability, which is a win for business and the environment.

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● Last-Mile Delivery Optimisation

The final section of the delivery journey, referred to as the “last mile,” offers organising challenges. Small businesses have to embrace advanced technologies such as route optimisation software and GPS system. These advances show prime directions, provide firsthand monitoring of cargo progress, and speed up the final mile’s pace. As a result, expenditures decrease, and a satisfied customer arises, encouraging brand loyalty through quick order fulfilment.


Small businesses are able to grasp the complexities of customised logistical strategies in the complicated world of commerce. These methods act as their guide through difficult challenges. If you are in search of Supply Chain, Logistics, and Warehousing expertise in India, look no further than Mehta Excel. The said company has years of experience in the field.

Best Warehousing Company in India

Imagine you have a business that sells products. You need a safe place to store those products until they are sold, right? That is where warehousing comes in. When it comes to storing goods and products safely, you can rely on Mehta Excel. Whether you’re a manufacturer, distributor, or just someone in need of a storage solution, Mehta Excel shines as the Best Warehousing Company in India, offering top-notch services that cater to your storage needs. The company provides spacious, secure, and climate-controlled spaces to store all sorts of goods. From electronics to clothing, everything finds a home here.

What are the benefits of Mehta Excel’s Warehousing Company?

● Cutting-Edge Security

The question “What about the safety of my belongings?” may sometimes arise. But don’t worry because Mehta Excel places a great deal of importance on keeping your data safe. Every second will be tracked by cameras, and the area will be protected by alarms and strict access controls. Your most important belongings are kept perfectly safe inside their warehouse.

● Large Network of Warehouses Throughout India

Mehta Excel has an extensive warehouse network spread across India’s major towns and cities. Because of this widespread presence, businesses in an array of fields are guaranteed to have the ability to easily store their goods and products in areas that are both safe and easily accessible. Warehouses in strategic locations allow companies to cut delivery times and boost customer satisfaction.

● An Innovative MEPL Warehouse Management System

One of the factors that set Mehta Excel apart from its competition is its cutting-edge MEPL Warehouse Management system. This system offers comprehensive B2B and B2C fulfilment solutions, which allow businesses to manage orders, track inventory, and swiftly fulfil customer requests. Mehta Excel makes sure its clients can stay ahead of the competition and adjust to changing market demands by utilising advanced technology.


Mehta Excel is a partner in your business’s success. From secure storage to advanced security systems, they are the Best Warehousing Company in India. So, whether you are a business owner or just someone in need of extra storage in India, Mehta Excel is the name you can trust for all your warehousing needs.

Your Ultimate 3PL Partner in India

Managing the logistics and supply chain is one of the complicated tasks that require expertise. Using the skills to optimise business operations and minimise costs, Third-Party Logistics (3PL) companies are masters in this field. Among those at the forefront, one that stands out is Mehta Excel. The company is standing tall and proud as the unparalleled shining example of the best 3PL Company in India.

Navigating the Logistics Landscape with Expertise

Mehta Excel’s success is dependent on a team of seasoned professionals who have an in-depth understanding of the complex logistics industry and acts as the company’s solid foundation. These logistics masters worked so hard to perfect the skills they possess over the course of many years of experience to become professionals in providing end-to-end logistics solutions to businesses in a wide variety of industries. Their expertise is evident in their ability to provide their customers with reliable and effective services.

Comprehensive Solutions, Simplified Logistics

When it comes to Mehta Excel, the phrase “end-to-end” is more than just a catchphrase; rather, it is a promise. The company presumes every responsibility for logistics, including management of supply chains as well as warehousing and other aspects of the process. With this all-encompassing approach, clients are provided with an opportunity to focus their efforts on running their core businesses, while Mehta Excel will take care of all of their logistics requirements in an expert manner.

Customer-Centric Approach

In a market where personalising is often ignored, Mehta Excel stands out as a model of customer service excellence. A team of experienced professionals is always on standby, all set to analyse client inquiries with extreme precision and present personalised solutions.

Choosing Mehta Excel: A Clear Advantage

Mehta Excel emerges successfully as India’s leading 3PL Company in India. Their logistical expertise, multifaceted solutions, battle-tested history, and unwavering commitment to client care set them apart as the clear choice. If you are looking for a dependable logistics partner, look no further because Mehta Excel has the experience to navigate your business through the complex seas of logistics, driving it to success.

Warehousing Company in Jaipur

Warehousing is the essential step of supply chain management. It involves receiving, packing, storing, organizing, and supplying. Several types of warehouses exist, including public warehouses, private warehouses, distribution centers, etc. Companies must invest in excellent storage spaces for their goods to have an optimized supply chain. Warehouses are a necessary investment but also must be handled very carefully. Companies that want to shift their operations to Jaipur can opt for Mehta Excel: Warehousing Company in Jaipur, to meet its needs. Mehta Excel offers its customers many amenities, making it the best company to go with. In this blog, let us understand what makes Mehta Excel stand out.

Features of Mehta Excel Warehouses

Amenities for warehouse workers

Mehta Excel’s warehouses are all well-equipped with ventilation systems. Depending on requirements, some warehouses have air conditioning and central heating systems built in, ensuring workers can work safely and comfortably all year. The warehouses also have a built-in electricity supply, and the amperage limit differs from building to building, allowing you to choose any that fits your needs.

Usable Storage Space

Mehta Excel has multiple warehouses with differing storage spaces to suit every client’s needs. Before selecting your warehouse, you must check the usable area’s square footage and the load restrictions to avoid any property damage or inconvenience. Mehta Excel: Warehousing Company in Jaipur can provide clients with multiple and versatile storage options.

Premium Locations

The optimization of the supply chain may be impacted favorably or unfavorably by the warehouse’s location. The customer can save more time depending on the distance between the warehouse and the distribution center, other storage facilities, and the customer’s location. Mehta Excel is aware of this and provides a variety of great city locations for you to select from.


Deciding which transportation company to go with is a very vital decision. Multiple factors, including cost-effectiveness, play a part in the decision-making process. Companies can consult the best of all; Mehta Excel: Warehousing Company in Jaipur regarding quality service at reasonable prices.

Transportation Services in Rajasthan by Mehta Excel

Transportation is the most essential part of logistics. While looking to transport goods all over India, companies must make sure that they select only the most capable transportation partner available. Therefore, many prosperous businesses nationally have confidence in Transportation Services in Rajasthan by Mehta Excel regarding quality and efficiency. If you want to learn more about the elements that make Mehta’s Excel capable of meeting your every transportation requirement, keep reading.

Specifications of Mehta Excel Transportation Services

Dedicated Fleet

Mehta Excel can transport items from distribution sources to storage warehouses and customers thanks to its fleet of roughly 267 trucks. The cars’ capability and the drivers’ superior skill set can meet the customers’ transportation needs. Additionally, clients have the option of hiring contract fleets that prioritize requirements.

Versatile Options

Mehta Excel is aware that every business has different client demands and a unique supply chain, necessitating the use of various forms of transportation. Accordingly, they provide either full-truckload or partial-truckload services, depending on the volume of products moving. Mehta Excel’s transport services in Rajasthan are flexible, so they can be modified to meet your needs.

Transparent Customer Service

Mehta Excel is available to answer customers’ queries around the clock. They have the latest technology that allows the client to track their consignments in real-time and monitor the transportation of their goods. The client also receives smart notifications on their registered phone number, ensuring the process is transparent.


When working with any supply chain, the transportation system is the backbone of the entire operation. Companies must prioritize not just the price but the speed and quality of the service. They can always trust Transportation Services in Rajasthan by Mehta Excel to handle their consignments safely.


3PL Service Provider in Ahmedabad

The packing, storing, organizing, and transporting of commodities from one location to another is called logistics. Supply chain management and logistics are crucial for growing any business or market. Mehta Excel is the top 3PL service provider in Ahmedabad to contact if you need consulting professionals for your Ahmedabad-based business. Their 51 years in the logistics sector guarantee that your business will only get the best shipping, storing, and supply chain analysis services. This blog will explain why Mehta Excel is one of Ahmedabad’s top third-party logistics service providers.

Factors that are unique to Mehta Excel

Variety of services offered

Variation is what we all need in every aspect of our life. Be it technology or necessities, people always look for variations. Similarly, while you are growing your own business, you will require a wide variety of top services to witness exponential growth. As a solution, Mehta Excel provides its clients with the best transportation, storage, and supply chain management services. From the planning and optimization of your supply chain to the speedy transit of your goods to the safe and secure storage of your products, Mehta Excel covers every aspect of 3PL services.

Experience and skills

Experience rolled up the sleeve is what makes a company outstanding. Mehta Excel has around 51 years of experience in the logistics industry and an experienced employee force of about 1391 people. When it comes to hurdles, problems, or issues in the supply chain, our knowledge and experience allow us to develop dynamic solutions.

Staying up to date with the market

Mehta Excel always keeps up with new market trends and technologies to optimize your supply chain. Mehta Excel ensures you stay ahead of competitors by supplying you with the latest information and inventions, making it the best 3PL service provider in Ahmedabad.


Any company that wants to expand its operations in Ahmedabad must ensure they choose the best 3PL service provider in Ahmedabad. Mehta Excel’s communication and relationship with customers allow us to ensure the optimization and stability of your supply chain. Our up-to-date technology and quality-assured services mean your business will keep ahead even in a highly competitive market.

Best Logistics Company in Jaipur

Logistics is a management system wherein information, service and goods are passed from the point of origin to the point of consumption. Logistics management is the combining of supply chains. There are various sorts of logistics management, including transport logistics, food logistics, and military logistics. The top logistics firm in Jaipur is all you need to assist you with the procedure, whether you have a business there or are considering expanding there. Mehta Excel, which has been in the logistics and transportation industry since 1972, is one of the competent and well-respected businesses. Mehta Excel is among the few businesses that can meet every logistical need because of several factors.

Factors that Make Mehta Excel Unique

Location of Warehouses

The time it takes to pick up and transport the products is critical to logistics system management. The length of the same can cause the entire operation to slow down; thus, choosing a logistic business with strategically located warehouses is crucial. Mehta Excel is exceptional in this regard. They provide storage facilities around Jaipur and in practical places, thus optimizing your supply chain.

Fast Transportation

The speed of transportation is the next factor that influences the logistic system after a closer location. This parameter must be considered because there should be no delay at all, regardless of how close or remote the location is. An excellent representation of the same is Mehta Excel. Mehta Excel offers quick and inexpensive shipping of goods between places all over the country. One of the top logistics businesses in Jaipur for transportation, the company has a fleet of 267 cars as of 2023 and will soon add to it.

Supply Chain Consultation

Mehta Excel offers client supply chain consulting services, helping you plan and optimize your supply chain and its operations. These services allow you to keep up with the latest technologies and market trends to optimize your operations.

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If you’re a new company based in Jaipur, trust Mehta Excel’s expertise as the best logistic company in Jaipur for all your logistics needs. Looking to establish a company in the pink city? trust the reviews of our former clients and take us on as your logistics partner. Our quality and variety of services are exceptional, and our experience as a 51-year-old company in the field makes us the best choice for you.

Logistics Differences between Inbound and Outbound: Advantages, KPIs, and Challenges


Supply chains are life of contemporary economies. Your supply chain is made up of two components: inbound logistics and outbound logistics. Economy of any country wouldn’t function without inbound and outbound logistics and any company that sells goods must deal with both inbound and outbound logistics.

What is logistics and its processes?

Logistics facilitate the transfer of goods and services from the producer to the consumer. There are a number of processes in a supply chain, and inbound and outbound logistics are important ones. To better understand where and how your business may create the greatest logistics solutions, let’s look at what inbound and outbound logistics are.

So what do inbound and outbound logistics entail?

What is inbound logistics?

The processes that bring the supplies or goods to your company are referred to as inbound logistics.

What is Outbound logistics?

Outbound logistics takes control after the finished product is in your warehouse. The activities involved in and required for delivering goods to clients are collectively referred to as the outbound logistics stage.

Securing the supply for your business is the aim of inbound marketing. The objective of outbound is to satisfy demand.


The production of efficient supply chains with enhanced productivity and sales, as well as improved vendor and customer relationships, results from the alignment of outward and incoming logistics.


Processes that fall under inbound logistics?

The phrase “Inbound logistics” refers to everything that takes place between obtaining the product’s raw components and the time the finished item enters the warehouse to await orders.

The inbound procedures include

  • Locating resources
  • Managing the flow of goods from the source to the factory and from the factory to the warehouse
  • Warehousing

Your supplies and goods must be transported, stored, and received by the companies involved in inbound logistics. Your goods travels from the source through manufacturers, freight providers, and finally arrives at your warehouse.

The advantages of inbound logistics

Any company must have an effective inbound logistics system to guarantee a constant flow of items into its warehouse. Additionally, it offers the following advantages:

  1. Improvements in the delivery times for shipments
  2. Increased client trust and happiness
  3. Minimises the risk of product damage
  4. Improved inventory control
  5. Prompt updates to lessen disruptions
  6. Constant rates of output


All operations that take place after the customer places their order are referred to as outbound logistics. After the package is delivered, this comprises general customer service, returns, and order fulfillment and last-mile delivery.

Outbound procedures comprise

  • Processing inventory at the warehouse and verifying it
  • Orders are picked up and packaged as they arrive for Last-Minute Delivery
  • Returns and customer support after delivery
  • When orders are packaged and sent to the customer, logistics is considered to be in the outbound phase

The advantages of outbound logistics

Outbound logistics is customer-focused, guaranteeing that the goods and products delivered on schedule are of the highest caliber. The numerous advantages include:

  1. Faster and punctual deliveries
  2. Decrease in cancellations
  3. Decreased delivery errors
  4. Increased client loyalty and satisfaction
  5. Decreased returns
  6. Less damage from transit
  7. Effective planning for business
  8. Lower costs for the companies and the buyers

How may KPIs be used to optimize inbound and outbound logistics?

Using a list of the most illuminating KPIs, or key performance indicators, will help you identify areas where you are excelling and those that require improvement or outside assistance. KPIs use data analytics to provide performance information for particular business areas.

KPIs for Inbound Processes

The following are the key metrics that merchants are monitoring in the inbound processes:

  • Bill of Lading correctness
  • Times for loading and unloading
  • Lead periods
  • Production duration

Inbound logistics are governed by time and precision. Customers may become really irritated if you don’t know what inventory your warehouse has on hand.

KPIs for Outbound Processes

The most crucial factors to take into account for outbound KPIs are the accuracy with which orders are filled and the length of time required for the last mile of fulfillment. After the orders are received, you should check these indicators:

  • Fill rate for orders
  • Rate of order correctness
  • Average time for delivery
  • Cycle time for customer orders
  • Time to send

Challenges in Inbound Logistics

The best way to enhance inbound logistics is to focus on solving everyday problems like inconsistent lead and delivery times.

Inefficient shipping practices: Businesses can overspend on shipping or improperly condense their loads.

Lack of Information: Businesses lack the information necessary to make decisions when shippers don’t use real-time information systems. Production delays and improper inventory management result from this.

Product Surges: Without preparation, businesses may end up managing too many deliveries at once, which could lead to confusion and inventory mix-ups.

Lack of data to balance your order flow due to an imbalance in supply and demand.

Challenges in Outbound Logistics

In order to optimize outbound logistics, it is important to consider customer satisfaction and deal with problems linked to incomplete deliveries.

  • Coordination of Operations: The logistics team must control order spikes. When manufacturing increases, either additional warehouse space is needed or products must be delivered to clients more quickly. It is a major difficulty to balance demand with storage capacity.
  • Inventory costs: Businesses may fail to keep enough stock on hand to meet the shifting needs of their clients, which results in a shortage of goods or needless holding expenses.
  • Costs associated with transportation: If loads aren’t combined, additional funds are required to cover these costs. It’s crucial to estimate shipping costs and establish connections with dependable vendors.
  • Customer Expectations: Same-day deliveries can put a tremendous amount of strain on businesses that may not be able to meet this demand from customers. Exceptionally quick delivery isn’t the only USP that businesses may offer, though.


Consumers couldn’t subsist without it, and businesses couldn’t make money without successful inbound and outgoing logistics . If you’re curious about how a Mehta Excel may assist you in managing and optimizing logistics, request a freight shipping quote.

Mehta Excel provides omnichannel logistic support in order to improve logistics and supply chain management, including receiving, warehousing, processing returns, and more. Brands can track inventory KPIs, supply chain KPIs, and more with Mehta Excel MEPL Warehouse Management system for both incoming and outbound logistics.

For end-to-end order fulfillment and improved logistics, get in touch with Mehta Excel.