With the right 3PL, you’re gaining a partner who not only understands your goals and needs but one who can grow your operations faster and more efficiently than you could ever do on your own. They know the ins and outs of the business, areas of wasted cash flow you can eliminate, how to best spend your resources, and let your team focus on the products that fuel your operation.



We at Mehta Excel, has experience to provide packaging solution for an e-commerce and FMCG companies.
We have experience to handle large scale packaging warehouse for many verticals. At present our facility can pack from bulk to retail small packets of upto 5500 tons per month.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

We understand the need of better Warehouse Management, since it enables you to control and track the movement and storage of materials through your warehouse and provides you with the critical information necessary for you to make daily business decisions that directly impact your customers, suppliers, and your profitability. It is also one of the costliest functions within your organization, which requires a custom-built Warehouse Management.

Needs & IT Gap Analysis, Max. Space utilization, New System Justification Analysis, Future Business Requirements Planning, System Specification & Selection, Implementation, Optimization, Network Analysis, Operational Service & Cost Analysis, Process Redesign, Built-up Footprint Analysis, Inventory Ageing, Good / Non-Good material alarming system & liquidation, Accuracy Monitoring, and Through put measuring.

We bestow this service for Modern Distribution Centre as well as Conventional Distribution centres for our valuable customer, featuring following process, and system controls to enable our customer to reduce costs by tracking and controlling the movement of inventory across warehouses. We focus on improving visibility through 1. Inbound Scheduling 2. Receiving 3. Putaway 4. Replenishment 5. Order Processing 6. Picking 7. RF picking 8. Staging and Consolidation 9. Shipping etc., wherein Inbound as a function, is a vital activity of Warehouse Management. Which tabs each and every cases, unit / eaches are received and accounted, for storage / putaway. It demands a highly qualified team to maintain 100% accuracy for better control of Inventory, which in turn facilitates the Outbound function (Critical area of Warehouse Management), here the deliverables, are directly linked to customer’s need and it only talks about efficiency in delivering the demand IN FULL, ON Time and Accurate. Basis which it is been rated for customer service Index in almost all organizations. We focus closely on The better we serve, best is what we add in sale to company. We bestow the said service of managing it at > and = 95% for our current customers.

  • Space & Resource

    Provide scientific working of space for the storage and manpower required for handlng of goods and material

  • Inventory Management

    Planning inbound receipt procedures; Storage formalities; location management; inventory control; Outbound delivery procedures. using latest technology like WMS

  • Manpower Management

    We have a uniform process, system to make sure the systematic evaluation of a functional area. We utilize expert knowledge, manpower scaling guides, experience, and other practical considerations, in determining the validity and managerial efficiency. We understand that the means of manpower control is to ensure the most efficient and economical use of available manpower. Qualitative strength helps achieve all mile stones Mehta Excel Private Limited closely looks in to all the below areas to generate and retain the better strength

    • Sourcing of quality applicants
    • Selecting & hiring the best qualified
    • On boarding and initial training program in place, covering introduction to the organization, Class Room and On Job with respect to their positions
    • Evaluation criteria and Rating system linked to their profile & organizational KPI’s
    • Yearly Work & Development Plans
    • Quality of the Organization is upgraded regularly
    • Regretted turnover is tracked
    • Clear and transparent link of performance to Reward and Recognition
    • System of re-application of learning’s and current best approaches for enhancing job Satisfaction in place
  • Statutory Compliance

    Mehta Excel Private Limited provides statutory compliance for all its business so as to maintaining ethical creditability of its own & customers.

    • Complete registration of Firms, Partnership
    • Shop & Establishment License
    • Factory License (Wherever applicable)
    • Tax License (Wherever applicable)
    • Trading License (Wherever applicable)
    • Registration Certificate of Contract Labour Act
    • Registration Certificate of Principle Employer Act (As applicable)
    • Minimum Wages Compliance
    • PF & EPF Contribution
    • ESIC Contribution
    • W. C. Policy (wherever applicable)
    • Gratuity
    • Retrenchment Policy
    • Labour Welfare Fund Contribution
    • Maintaining registers as per Labour Act
Warehouse Management
Transportation Services

Transportation Services

Transportation :- We are committed to providing secure, reliable transportation service to our customers by means of On time & Constructive response with a goal to make continual improvement in all aspects of this service

Logistic walk through :- Min. Market dependability, Own Fleets, Resource Scheduling, Routing, Transit Monitoring System, On Time Records – Assessment, Benchmarking, Optimization Studies Implementing process of self improvement.

Reverse logistics :- Most Cost Effective Route/Process Identification, Inventory Returns Management, Full Item Traceability for Product Re-call.

Current capabilities :- We have own fleet of 300+ trucks & 400+ attached, which currently serves Gujarat and Rajasthan, wherein our service reliability / Index reflects >= 93% on time & first time right delivery to customers

Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Supply chain decision making is becoming increasingly important , as the industry landscape shifts towards digitization. For sustained value and organization growth, these decisions should be driven by insights and understanding of existing data.

Mehta Excel provides tailor made solutions for you in following area:

  • Process optimisation
  • Location optimisation
  • Warehouse space optimisation
  • Inventory optimisation
  • Transport optimisation
Consulting Services